ABOUT TATE Tate Stevens is a 37 year-old musician with an all-country heart and soul. In 2012, he was crowned the winner of 'The X Factor USA'. He came into the X Factor with his mind set to pursue a career that he boldly put off to start a family.


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    30, 2012

    Photo Update: A Few Photos From Tate’s Old Performances

    Yet again, I was checking around the World Wide Web when I stumbled upon some old photos of Tate performing with his band in 2011. He was performing in Independence, Missouri. I have added 6 total photos. Check these photos out!

    [Performances > 2011 > September 30 - Performing at Santa-Cali-Gon Days with his Band]
    6199763366_196242cb50_o.jpg 6199757514_68308ced63_b.jpg 6199732368_44325f243f_o.jpg 6199732230_fbbd139827_b.jpg 6199732156_4b456e0eca_o.jpg

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    30, 2012

    Photo Update: Tate At The X Factor Finale Parts 1 & 2

    Photo Update: Tate At The X Factor Finale Parts 1 & 2
    I’ve been searching around for photos when I found some of Tate at ‘The X Factor’ finale parts 1 and 2. I’ve added 11 photos from part 1, and 22 photos from part 2. I hope you enjoy them!

    [Appearances > 2012 > December 19 - Part 1 of 'The X Factor' Season Finale]

    [Appearances > 2012 > December 20 - Part 2 of 'The X Factor' Season Finale]

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    28, 2012

    Tate Receives The Belton, Missouri Town Key And Proclamation From The Mayor!

    Yesterday, in his hometown, Tate was called to the Belton, Missouri Town Hall to meet with the mayor. He was greatly surprised to receive both the town’s key and a proclamation. He tweeted,

    Received the key to the City of Belton tonight! Very cool! This is very special to me!!

    I added 17x photos of this event in the gallery of this event.

    [Candids > 2012 > December 27 - Receiving Belton, Missouri's Town Key And Proclamation From The Belton Mayor]
    17.jpg 16.jpeg 1.jpeg 11.jpeg 14.jpeg

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